Why "Sun.Mouth" must have to commit suicide? 新聞挖挖哇:通靈神秘記事(6/8) 20100729 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A2gUT0RsyU&feature=related At 00:37/10:06 ------------------------------------------------------------Because she sold out her voice committing the crime of "Lie of Whore", the same time questioning "the fairness of her own life" to challenge or blame God, that "questioning/challenge/blam 代償e" circle her into "Show.Sin" lightness that Chinese said "Wheel.Gwon.Fun.照" (The difference between "Sun.Mouth" and me is the Root and/or Motive; I started that "Wheel.Gwon.Fun.照" at my peaceful light up life while I was studying the book "Many Lives, Many Masters" and questioning why "Only Love Matters"[Life is Love, you 室內裝潢have to love your own life to really deserve your life; you love your own life, you must love to stay at your own place; you leave your own place behind to bother, offend, nerve, invade other place life, you lost your right to deserve your life, not mention you sold out your own life. That how only Chinese virgin man can have right to move around the worl 澎湖民宿d @@@Only God can be perfect, therefore, the Ghost does not demand every one of us to be perfect, therefore, if you don't lost all good point, you don't need to get into that suicide sight; had "Sun.Mouth" only limited her back and forth between her own nation and the continent of America, she would not ever get into that suicide hopelessly dead end; because the continen 西裝外套t of America owned by late China King who left his will back his land to the wild natural, therefore, every one who seeks freedom can have right to come her like that Sara's Egypt slave to left Sara's home behind to get freed out of natural wild. "Sun.Mouth" husband Jose was not African root, both of them should not go to Africa to bother the INNOCENT ###That how EU white must dumpped their 室內裝潢 white trash into America instead of Africa, because Africa is innocent land; America is a sinned place back to the wild natural ordered by that late China King, therefore, sinner seeks to be free again can choose America to get rest along that late China King### Black must needed real natural free life there in any way, not mention to pollute/sink Africa with Capitalism lie and/or crime. @@@; because Chinese is the 信用卡代償 race of "Neutral"; virgin is the sin of "Neutral"; man is the image of God, lifelessly moved by God blow, the life of "Neutral" <Image is "Inn", God is "Young"; Image of God is "Neutral">. Race, Life, is not "Sin", therefore, has nothing to do with "E.Sin.Sean.C", that how "E.Sin.Sean.C" must happen after he/she lost virgin after that wedding day; when man and woman both are virgins, to-gether all because of "5.1.Lay.聚"-they 訂做禮服 have the same interest.], then I beginning eagerly studying my Chinese version Bible that led me to know God through the power of honesty.) , that led her to see through and found out herself "really deserve to die", and because she already sold her own life out, therefore, she lost the right to choose to dry out or to starve to die but cut her immediate life line directly. That how you should kill every one who committed the crime of "Lie of Whore" 宜蘭民宿, because real whore must have to keep her pure virgin, non-virgin female dare whore commit the crime of "lie of whore", "Lie of Whore" lost the right to do "Show.Sin", therefore, when that "Lie of Whore" accidently circled into that "Show.Sin" light, she must have to commit suicide; you have to do your duty to kill all "Lie of Whore", because if you don't do your duty to kill them all, she can only be forced to 信用卡代償follow the low lower lowest like "Want.Child.What" showed, or she must enlarge up her "Jway.Do.Fool.Ren.Sin" to do whatever it takes to tool any less evil than her to fall for her personal gang and gain like the crime that "Yu.May.Ren" committed against Chinese   said "G.Swall.Boot.Yu. 5.10.Yu.Ren" mankind rule. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 買房子  .

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